Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the DIY fanatic in your life

Do you know someone who likes to build, take apart, tweak, or otherwise fool around with things? Here's the best stuff to get for them right now.

Young engineer using soldering iron to join chips and wires. His friend looking at the process. Robo...

Everyone has a tinkerer in their life. It might be your kid, your dad, your cousin who won’t let you get off the phone. It’s the person who’s always jumping in to try and fix your broken gadgets. The person who always reminds you about new updates for your phone. It’s the weirdo who does hacky little tweaks to the stuff in their life so they just work a little better. The maker you know who loves to build things from scratch. They’re hard to buy for, but easy to get engaged. So here are our selections for ways to gift the doer in your life.


Pro-Knot Best Rope Knot Cards

Knots are hard. And there are roughly one million of them you could possibly learn. Why not make it easy by starting with this simple kit: two pieces of rope and a waterproof, pocketable set of cards teaching you the 20 most essential knots out there.

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