The 11 best Meta Quest 2 accessories

These must-have extras will help you get the most out of your virtual reality experience.

The Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 is hands-down the best way to get into virtual reality right now. Unlike some VR headsets, Meta’s headset is a completely standalone system — you can jump into most of the top VR video games and work apps without connecting it to a PC. And at just $299 retail, it’s a lot cheaper than comparable devices like the Valve Index and most HTC Vive models.

While the Quest 2 delivers a fantastic experience right out of the box, it’s a barebones system. You get the headset, two controllers, a foam pad to keep your face comfy, and a little plastic insert for glasses-wearers — that’s it. You don’t necessarily need much more, but there are plenty of flashy and functional extras on the market that can really enhance your setup.

We know you don’t have time for research so we did the legwork for you. Here are the best Quest 2 accessories to protect and upgrade your VR headset.

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One of the most important things to know about any VR headset is that sunlight exposure can permanently damage the lenses (even artificial light sources in your home are harmful). If you leave the lenses exposed to light, even for just a minute, it can result in white blotches that will be really annoying to play with and certainly break most immersive experiences.

Unfortunately, the sun damage warning can easily be overlooked when opening your Quest 2 and setting it up, and Meta only supplies you with a thin cardboard insert to help block out light when the headset isn’t in use. It’s a bit of an annoying purchase, but a third-party lens protector will save you a lot of grief down the line.

Just like a pair of glasses, your Quest 2’s lenses will inevitably get dirty. This can be caused by dust if you don’t have a good lens protector or just your breath steaming up the headset in a heated Beat Saber session. Instead of rubbing your headset down with your shirt, which is probably filled with lint and will scratch your lenses, invest in a legitimate microfiber cleaning cloth.

There are really only two reasons you’d need to shut the Quest 2 down: the headset has become uncomfortable after a few hours of play or the battery has depleted. While the official Elite Strap is a bit pricy, it’s a guaranteed more enjoyable Quest 2 experience. The additional battery gives you an extra two hours of playtime and acts as a counterweight for a more balanced and comfortable headset fit.

The AirPods Pro are some of our favorite Bluetooth earbuds and their white finish pair well with the Quest 2. Bluetooth latency may be a minor issue, but the active noise cancellation is great for immersive gaming, and the battery life with ANC on will outlast the headset.

A case is a must-have if you’re planning on carrying your Quest outside of your home. The padded interior of the official Meta case has room for the headset (with the Elite Strap with Battery!), both controllers, a charging cable, and a power adapter. A thin strap on one end acting as the case’s only handle has us a little nervous, but you should be taking extra care while traveling with your headset anyway.

This sling bag has all the compartment space of the official Meta carrying case and then some. With additional pockets for accessories, you can bring along extra cables and batteries, or even other small electronics when you’re traveling. The bag is also stylish and doesn’t immediately scream “VR headset inside” when you’re wearing it — perfect for keeping things low-key.

The Quest 2 is a bit too delicate to be placed in a drawer with other gaming gear and a bit too bulky to just sit out (especially with the Touch controllers). This stand from AMVR gives your Quest 2 a home in your space and is a cool way to display your headset to visitors.

Another great display option for the Quest 2 is this simple charging dock from Anker. The dock comes with high-quality rechargeable batteries for the Touch controllers so every piece of the Quest 2 system is always ready to go. A full charge takes about two hours and overcharge protection turns off the dock to prolong your battery’s lifespan.

Meta started including silicone covers by default because of a recall last year, but if you didn’t claim a free cover for your own Quest 2 or you simply want a different color, this option will keep sweat from dripping down your face and into your headset during VR workouts. Form-fitting and easy to clean, it’s a must-buy if you’re using your Quest 2 on your feet more often than not.

If you’ve ever let your Touch controller slip and go flying while playing a game, know that you aren’t alone. Just recently, British insurance company Aviva reported that the company saw a 31 percent increase in VR-related claims in 2021 (mostly damaged TVs).

Do yourself a favor — on top of using the wrist straps that are attached to the controls, grab these simple skins to give yourself a better grip.

If you’re having a party and want to show off your Quest 2, you’ll want to be able to cast your headset to your TV so everyone can watch. With a Chromecast, you can easily cast display your favorite games and apps on a TV.

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