Father's Day

The 6 best Lego sets to build with your dad this Father's Day

There's no better way to spend Father's Day than bonding over a Lego set. Just don't get mad when somebody inevitably skips a step.

The 6 best Lego sets to build with your dad this Father's Day

There’s nothing like working quietly with your hands to defuse even the most awkward of parent-child interactions. Lego is universal, equally enjoyable for adults and children, and equally useful for goofing around as they are for following a series of complicated instructions to build something ridiculous. Basically a perfect, unconventional gift for Father’s Day.

Lego sets can vary, but in general, options will include licensed recreations from popular movies, shows, and games, real-life objects, architecture, art, and original Lego creations. We’ve collected some of the best picks for your dad or father-figure below, along with a few ways to keep all of those new bricks organized.

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NASA doesn’t use its own shuttles to send astronauts to space anymore — that’s up to Elon Musk-made craft now — but that doesn't mean dad can’t own a tiny piece (or pieces) of history with a Space Shuttle Discovery Lego set. This whole package includes 2,354 pieces, so it wouldn’t exactly be a small undertaking for you and your dad, but it’ll probably be a worthwhile one.

Lego frequently partners with outside institutions like MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York) for its more unique projects, and the collaboration is always worth the extra price. The Starry Night Lego set beautifully recreates Van Gogh’s distinct brushstrokes and adds a nice sense of depth to what’s normally a flat image.

Optimus Prime is an iconic toy, cartoon character, and Michael Bay CGI monstrosity, and now you can get him in Lego too. This set, besides coming with 1,508 pieces, actually transforms. Who knows how Lego made that work but finding out should be an exciting adventure.

It’s easy to let plants wither, less so when they’re made of plastic. The Lego Orchid is not only as classy as a real-life orchid, but dad won't have to care for it, which is no small thing when dealing with a temperamental plant. Lego’s version is also entirely poseable, which means dad can make their orchid look how they want.

If there’s one thing that spans generations, it’s Seinfeld. Owning a Lego version of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment is not the first thing I would imagine would make a great Father’s Day gift BUT I can’t deny that it’s cool, and quoting George Costanza lines to your dad is never not funny.

Lego doesn’t sell its gigantic Death Star set anywhere, so here’s the next best thing: a meticulously detailed Lego AT-AT model from The Empire Strikes Back. At 6,785 pieces, this is absolutely a multi-day project, and one where staying organized will be important. But your dad and whoever they drag along with them will certainly feel accomplished.

Storage Options and Tools

You absolutely don’t need to spend $10 for a reusable sandwich bag, but for a reusable sandwich bag that will also work perfectly for holding tiny Lego pieces, maybe it’s worth considering. Rather than dumping several bags worth of Lego loose on a table, put the smaller, fragile bits in a Stasher silicone bag and get some peace of mind they won’t get scattered under the couch.

Sadly, some Lego sets can’t stay built forever. When you do have to break down your latest build, a simple small storage container will keep your pieces and instructions together so nothing gets lost or damaged.

Sometimes Lego get stuck together and when they do, rather than hurt yourself pulling them apart, why not use a brick separator to make the job easier? You’ll still need to apply force, but at least this way physics will be on your side. Plus you can get two of them — one for you and one for your dad — for $4.