These are the absolute best laptop bags

Your laptop needs a safe space when you’re on the go.

Topo Designs Global Briefcase.

Your laptop is your connection to your friends and family, your remote workspace, and an endless source of entertainment and mindless scrolling — you can’t keep throwing it in any old bag and praying that it’ll stay safe while you lug it around town. Laptops aren’t built to be tossed around and taking them on the go without protection is a dangerous, and potentially expensive, game.

Designated laptop bags have a bit of a nerdy stereotype attached to them — boring and bulky shoulder bags with room for a thick laptop, too many cables, and not much else. But now everyone is carrying a laptop with them and modern models are actually super stylish and versatile. No matter your design and style preferences, there’s a bag out there for you that your laptop will love.

A solid protective sleeve for your laptop is an absolute must. A designated padded pocket will keep your laptop secure and separate from other belongings, so it won’t move around when you do. Other than that, the choice is yours. You can go low-profile and professional or bright, fun, and bold. Backpack or tote. A light carry or a big bag with enough room for everything you own. Pick your favorite from these top-tier bags and know your laptop will be safe and sound.

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