The 7 best iPhone 13 accessories to help you shoot better photos and videos

Elevate your mobile photography and videos with these awesome add-ons.

The 7 best iPhone 13 accessories to help you shoot better photos and videos
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The cameras on the iPhone 13 are fantastic across the board (from the iPhone 13 mini all the way up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max). With features like Photographic Styles and Cinematic Mode, and “sweater mode,” Apple’s latest iPhone family is an absolute gift for content creators, photographers, and mobile filmmakers alike.

While you can shoot stellar photos and video with any iPhone 13 model out of the box, even the most gifted shooter can take their captures up a notch with a few extra tools.

There’s a lot of gear aimed at mobile photographers out there right now, from lightweight tripods and selfie sticks to clip-on lenses and custom cases. Unfortunately, a lot of it is cheap, flimsy, and might even get in the way of improving your shoots. There are quite a few gems out there though.

The gear and accessories in this guide are the best of the best — professional quality tools that will help you perfect shots you’re lining up with your iPhone 13.

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A tripod is an absolute game-changer when it comes to upping your mobile photography. No more leaning your phone against whatever is laying around or handing your phone to a stranger and hoping they frame your best angles. You need a little control.

This all-in-one tool from Joby can be used as a tripod for solo photoshoots or group shots, a solid handgrip for steadier camera work, or a sturdy selfie stick. The Bluetooth remote shutter makes it easy to snap a pic from a distance.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the iPhone 13’s MagSafe accessory system and want to keep your device far away from questionable third-party clamps, this is a must-have tripod accessory. This simple mount from Moment brings MagSafe to the tripod you already own and has configurations for portrait and landscape shooting. This is Moment’s top-tier MagSafe mount, so it comes with a cold shoe for attaching additional accessories like microphones or lighting solutions.

If you aren’t worried about accessories, you can save a couple of bucks by snagging this simplified version of the mount instead.

While the iPhone 13’s performs better in low-light conditions than any previous model, sometimes you need a little extra help. The Panel Mini is Lume Cube’s smallest lighting solution — its about the size of a credit card and it’s thin enough to slip into your pocket.

You can adjust the brightness of this little rechargeable light in one percent increments, giving you serious control for such a small tool. It’ll only run for two hours at 100 percent brightness but will last up to 14 hours at lower settings. The panel has tripod-friendly mounts, too, but you’ll want to get Lume Cube’s special smartphone mount if you’re running it right on your iPhone.

Even the best cameras in the world can’t make up for shakey hands. The DJI OM 5 gimbal is designed to bring excellent stabilization to mobile video. As we demonstrated in our DJI OM 5 review, you’ll be able to shoot smooth, cinematic shots on your iPhone with little effort.

The OM 5 is foldable and the whole rig isn’t much bigger than your phone, so you aren’t lugging around a heavy tool to shoot mobile videos. The OM 5 also comes with the DJI MIMO app, a photo and video editing app with tons of smart shooting modes and editing presets.

Is scrolling on your phone really the best way to relive your favorite moments? Fujifilm’s Instax Wide Smartphone Printer lets you wirelessly print your favorite iPhone photos in a wide instant film format. It’s the fun parts of film photography without having to secure rare rolls of film or worrying about exposure times. Just pick your favorite photos and send them to the printer using an easy-to-use app for the device.

In our Instax Wide Smartphone Printer review, we fell in love with these wide prints. But there’s also a Mini Link available if you want smaller prints. And don’t forget to snag a little album to keep all your photos.

This GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit from Joby has everything you need to launch a YouTube channel or TikTok account without missing a beat. The GorillaPod is one of Joby’s most popular little tripods (you can wrap it around and keep it mounted to just about anything). Pair that with a solid mobile microphone and a mini LED lighting setup and you’ve got all you need for a one-person vlogging show.

This gear may not be the most advanced you can find, but it’s a great starter kit. And when you decide you need to upgrade, just add your new lights and mic to the GorillaPod.

Moment makes some of the best mobile photography accessories out there and the company’s add-on lenses for iPhones are top-rated. There isn’t a lens you can’t buy for your iPhone: fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto — you name it.

You can browse all of Moment’s lens offerings online, but this starter kit is the way to go if you’re looking to make the jump. It comes with a MagSafe case, three lenses of your choice, a rugged wrist strap, and a specialized lens pen for wiping any dust off them.

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