Holiday Gift Guides

These are the gifts electric scooter riders need this holiday season

Our electric scooter (and accessory) gift guide will give you everything you need to make yourself, or a loved one, a serious e-scooter commuter.

Ray Wong / Input

Commuting can be a drag, but if you’re a benevolent holiday shopper, you might be able to spare your loved ones the monotony of a daily schlep with one fun (and highly practical) gift: an electric scooter.

If you’re in the e-scooter market, whether for yourself or a very lucky someone, there are loads of options now, which is great, but also potentially overwhelming if you’re starting your e-scooter education from scratch.

Luckily, we’ve been testing electric scooters out for a while now and have a shortlist of favorites that will make any commute fun, fast, and emission-free.

These top models are the best of the best in style, speed, comfort and stability. While the scooter world is constantly evolving, these rides will keep anyone rolling for years to come. And if you know a scooter enthusiast who already has a set of wheels but might need some upgrades, there are also plenty of cool accessories on the market to enhance their ride.

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Everything about the Unagi Model One screams luxury. With an appealing design, a digital screen right on the handlebars, and portability at just 26.5 pounds, it’s no surprise that the Model One has been a top-tier e-scooter this year. Unagi rates the Model One for up to 15.5 miles on a charge and you can switch between three power modes (Eco, Standard, and Pro). We recommend going with the dual 250W-motor E500 model for the added power.

And if you dig this design, check out Unagi’s upcoming new model: the Model Eleven. It’ll have a crash-alert feature, Google Maps built right into the digital display, and, most importantly, full suspension.

Weighing in at 52 pounds with a 10-inch pneumatic wheel up front, this three-wheel electric scooter is an absolute tank that can take on bumpy terrain with ease. The G Pro 3’s sturdy design, superior traction thanks to tilting back wheels, and excellent disc brakes make it a welcoming ride for e-scooter newbies and a worthwhile pick for experienced riders.

This scooter was built to be the ultimate daily commuter.

The Apollo Ghost is scary fast, hitting a top speed of 34 mph with ease (from 0 to 15 mph in just three seconds). Its dual-motor design gives it a total 1,600W of power and its battery allows for about 22 miles on a single charge while traveling on its lowest power setting. The Ghost also comes equipped with dual-spring suspension and a wide-deck to make traversing city streets more than manageable at those top speeds.

Unlike other e-scooters that are built to be lugged around here and there, the Ghost will need to be treated like a serious vehicle at 64 pounds. You’re going to want to ride this model, not carry it. This scooter is a lot, but if you’re looking ride a lot of miles regularly and want to really whip through your city, this is is a great selection.


Picking the perfect scooter is only half the battle — now it’s time for customization. Apart from mechanical mods, there are plenty of add-ons that can make a scooter ride safer and more fun. From slick helmets to stylish storage, these are the best scooter accessories out there.

The Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet is one of the coolest helmets on the road. Front and rear lighting tops out at 1,000 lumens to make sure drivers see you when you’re riding, and the customizable back panel can display all sorts of different patterns and signals. The lights are rechargeable, and a single charge lasts up to around 10 hours.

A full-face helmet may seem like overkill for a scooter, but if you’re riding a higher speed model, you won’t regret having superior protection to ward off wind or protect you in the event of a fall. If you’re commuting on an electric scooter daily, Bell’s Qualifier Helmet is a great safety pick-up. It’s comfortable, has an anti-fog, quick-release face shield, and is tough enough to be used by motorcyclists.

Remind distracted drivers that you’re on the road and deter theft with this noisy little horn from Juiced. This motorcycle-style street horn can easily be attached to any scooter and pumps out a whopping 118 decibels that cannot be ignored. It’s also got an alarm feature that you can set — when anyone jostles your scooter, it’ll go off and alert everyone around that someone is messing with your ride.

When you’re getting up to top speeds, you going to want your gear stowed away. There’s nothing worse than having something slip out of your pocket on a ride and lugging around a full-sized bag for just a few items can be annoying. This waterproof bag looks clean and has room for plenty of accessories like sunglasses, a wallet, a phone, keys, etc.

We’re not advocating for texting while scooting, but if you’re commuting on an electric scooter daily and are regularly driving through unfamiliar territory, having a navigation app handy can be a life-saver. This universal mount is designed to keep your smartphone secure without a complex mess of straps. QuadLock also offers an optional vibration dampener add-on to reduce any internal damage your phone might suffer from constant road vibrations.

Built-in lighting on the average electric scooter can be less than stellar, to say the least. To make rides safer and easy, this combo light set from Cygolite does the trick. With 15 distinct modes between the 800-lumen headlight and 15-lumen taillight, these low-profile lights will give you added visibility at night and during the day.

Riding around with earbuds in is super dangerous, but you can’t get through your daily commute without your tunes. The Bose SoundLink Micro has tear-resistant straps perfect for mounting to handlebars, is surprisingly loud for a small speaker, and is rugged enough to survive more than a couple rough drops.