Here’s all the snowboarding gear newbies need to hit the slopes

From boards to bindings to snow pants, this guide has everything you need to get out there this winter.

‘Tis the season to strap yourself into a snowboard and send it down a mountain.

With the winds of winter ushering in days of fresh powder and holiday vibes, it’s the perfect time to start assembling your snowboarding gear.

Unfortunately, sifting through the overwhelming amount of brands, features and styles can make gear shopping very stressful for newcomers. A full snowboarding set-up consists of multiple separate pieces of gear, with each piece coming with its own specs and unique lingo.

As a beginner, your gear considerations should include comfort, insulation, waterproofing, and durability. Lucky for you, this list was assembled with all that in mind, and will act as your one-stop shop for a top-quality snowboard loadout.

You’ll find the complete list below, filled with top-rated snowy essentials that are ideal for those still finding their flow. This gear is sure to perform well for beginners, and provide the high quality necessary to surf the snow for several seasons.

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