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These are the best AirTag cases

Apple’s item tracker needs a little protection and a lot of style help.

Every expensive gift exchanged this year — from electric scooters and top-tier laptops to booming Bluetooth speakers and new e-readers —should be equipped with one simple tool to keep them safe: an Apple AirTag. These coat-button sized trackers make sure everyone knows where their exciting new tech toys are months down the road. There’s nothing worse than giving the perfect gift and someone solemnly having to tell you that they misplaced it.

The only design downside to the AirTag is that there’s no loop for attaching it to keys or zippers. Sure, you could just throw one in a bag and hope it doesn’t get knocked around too much, but it’ll be a bummer when you lose something, go to track it, and find out your AirTag is also lost.

A simple case can give users a lot of flexibility. There are cases that work best for keys, some that allow for more discreet tracking, and others designed to really take a beating. No matter what your priority is or what you’re looking to attach it to, there’s an AirTag case on this list for everyone.

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This simple key ring case from Apple will keep your AirTag safe from everyday bumps and scratches. The smooth, leather case looks stylish and the stainless steel key ring makes it easy to attach your AirTag to your keys, a purse, or a backpack. Available colors complement the rest of Apple’s recent leather iPhone 13 cases, so all of your devices can match.

If the metal key ring isn’t your style or you want a softer connection, Apple’s basic loop case is made out of light, flexible polyurethane and will keep your AirTag secure to your gear. These sporty cases come in bright and bold colors that will help your otherwise dull AirTag shine. Apple also sells a leather case in the loop style.

OtterBox makes some of the strongest phone cases on the market, so it’s a no-brainer to trust them with your AirTag as well. This hard-shell case twists open to pop your AirTag in and comes with two mini carabiners for connecting to whatever you want to track. This is a great option for anyone using an AirTag on the exterior of their bag where it’ll get bumped around a lot.

Another case with the “rugged” label, this killer AirTag protector from Spigen is designed to take anything life throws at it. Say goodbye to any damage that could come from everyday bumps and drops. The matte black, carbon fiber carabiner is a look and it's got a bottle opener for popping open brews on the move. This is a perfect case for anyone taking along AirTags on an outdoor adventure.

For the most vulnerable AirTags attached to outdoor gear, on car keys, or in a purse, over-the-top protection might be necessary. You don’t want to go to look up your AirTag location only to find out it's busted. This Elevation Lab key chain case can survive some serious abuse and is waterproof — only a chirp from your AirTag is getting through this case.

If you want to keep track of your belongings with an AirTag but want to keep it on the down-low, this nondescript fabric case from Moment is a must-have. Attach this power mesh sleeve in a purse, coat, or piece of luggage with the case’s adhesive backing so you can track it down discreetly if it gets lost or stolen.

This credit card-shaped case from Nomad is the ultimate AirTag accessory to keep an eye on your wallet. An AirTag is as thick as about 10 standard cards — this case doesn’t magically make it slimmer but it’s a great shape and will find a snug home in larger wallets. Your AirTag will snap right into the center of this card with no issues.

If you or someone you know is using an AirTag to track a dog, this is an absolute must-have case this low-profile is so easy to slip onto a collar is built to keep connected no matter how much your dog is bouncing around outside. If you’ve got a dog that regularly runs off, this will be a lifesaver. And if you love the look of this case, it connects to backpack straps just as well and is great for gym bags or hiking gear.

If none of the above cases are upscale or elegant enough, this one surely is. This case (while it looks really similar to the regular leather Apple options) is an official collaboration with the French luxury goods brand Hermès. Anyone into luxury brands will be a big fan of slipping their AirTag into this custom-etched case