These AirPods Pro accessories make perfect gifts for Apple lovers

A stylish case, sweet skins, or tracking systems are all welcome additions to any AirPods owner's arsenal.

As far as earbuds are concerned, Apple’s AirPods Pro are one of the best gifts you can give right now, and yet, even with all that value, there are still a few ways to make them an ever sweeter deal.

We’re talking about accessories. If you’re looking to surprise someone with a pair of AirPods this holiday season, there are some perfect companions to consider gifting along with them.

A solid case is an absolute must. The AirPods Pro charging case is pretty durable, but you don’t want your charging solution to get scratched up or damaged — thankfully the best phone case brands have great cases for the AirPods Pro as well. Whether someone is focused on a certain style or serious protection, these top accessories will check all the boxes.

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This Native Union case isn’t anything super advanced — no claims of military-grade drop protection here — but it’ll keep AirPods Pro safe from being tossed around a bit. The silicone case is very soft and the matte carabiner lets you clip your buds to a bag so you don’t lose them.

Catalyst’s waterproof case has a one-of-a-kind silicone seal that will keep your earbuds safe up to 3.3 feet deep underwater. On top of serious waterproofing, it's got 4-foot drop protection. You’d think a hardcore case like this would be a bit hefty, but it doesn’t add too much width to your charging case, and still supports wireless charging.

If you’re constantly dropping your AirPods Pro, this OtterBox case is going to save you from busted charging case heartbreak. The grippy edge will help keep the case in your hands and the hard case comes with two different mini carabiners for traveling. We trust OtterBox with our iPhones, so snagging an AirPods case as well is a no-brainer.

Spigen’s Tough Armor line means business. This rugged case will keep your AirOods Pro safe no matter how rough you are with them and the silicone exterior provides some grip, too. The rugged, almost military-style design of this case won’t be for everyone, but your earbuds will remain in pristine condition tucked away in one of these.

For a more sophisticated vibe, the leather Pod Jacket Pro is choice. The case offers protection from scratches and drops like silicone and polycarbonate cases but is made out of stylish, smooth leather. Instead of a mini carabiner, this case comes with 150mm cord lanyard — it’s not our first choice in carrying methods, but it’ll keep your earbuds close.

Apple’s Magsafe Duo Charger might be a little pricey for a simple charging solution, but we love it anyway. The 20W charger is foldable for easy storage and has a sweet minimalist look compared to other dual charging pads. This will work with any Apple device, so mix and match to keep all your gear juiced up.

AirPods Pro are pretty comfy, but even the slightest fit problem can be really annoying and cause unnecessary ear pain. These silicone and memory foam ear tips are well-reviewed, pure white to match your earbuds, and designed for max comfort. If anyone you know loves the quality of their AirPods Pro but doesn’t love the fit, this will be a welcome add-on.

As much as we love how small and compact the AirPods Pro charging case is, it’s also easy to lose! If you know someone who is constantly losing their buds (and regularly forgetting to charge them, too), an AirTag is a fantastic extra that’ll help them find their lost AirPods.

We love Apple’s AirPods Pro, but it’s a huge bummer that they only come in white. Sure, it’s iconic, but we need a bit of flair. MightySkins has too many skin options to count, from muted matte solid colors to wild patterns with gloss and glitter. We’re big fans of the Tropical Hibiscus design, but there’s something for everyone