Here’s every Windows 11 feature you need to try right now

The new Microsoft OS includes several app redesigns, new productivity tools, and upgrades for gaming.

Windows 11 is a serious visual upgrade from Windows 10. With a more modern design, refreshed apps and overall smoother user experience, it’s fresh looking operating system.

The update also comes with some new and improved features across the board There’s nothing game-changing here, but these are the features you’ll want to check out immediately.

  • Resdesigned start menu
  • The start menu on Windows 11 has been revamped to include more icons, fewer breakout menus, and more app icons for you without clicking around. By default, it nows lives in the center of your toolbar.

    Of course, if you refer the Windows 10 design and aren’t ready to switch, there are already apps bringing older menus to the new OS in the works.