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You've only got 5 days left to get one of the best platformers for 50% off

The side-scrolling action-adventure game has near-perfect reviews and the gameplay and narrative to match.

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As you'll know if you've ever played Alto's Adventure, Monument Valley, Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Everything, N++, Ape Out, Limbo, or even recent blockbuster Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sometimes the most enchanting and beguiling titles have the least flashy graphics. Often it's the mechanics of the gameplay, the strength of the narrative, or the quality of the soundtrack that keeps you enthralled.

Hollow Knight is one of these rare gems that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The game has deceptively simple art but is nonetheless staggeringly atmospheric and sure to keep you coming back for ages. Hollow Knight is a tale of a ghostly combatant trying to discover its origins while slaying a huge variety of foes and venturing through stunningly scenic environments.

Until Saturday, this gorgeous lo-fi title is only $7.49 on Steam, which is 50 percent off the usual $14.99 price. Steam user noveyex said they felt like they "robbed the developer by only paying $20 for such a masterpiece." $7.49 is full-on jackpot, then.

All substance, no hollows — The game we're talking about is, of course, Hollow Knight. With reviews of 9.4/10 from, 10/10 on Steam, and 90 percent on Metacritic, it's the sort of title that fills us with jealousy when we hear someone hasn't played it... because we wish we could play it ourselves anew and have the same experience we did the first time.

Developer Team Cherry has also continued to release new content for the game since it first launched in 2017, so there's every indication it'll continue to do so for a while yet. That makes it even more of a steal.

Luscious looks, devilish challenges — Hollow Knight's combination of a cartoon-like, 2D aesthetic, with magical locations is reminiscent of another legendary platformer, Gris (which we've previously enthused about in our roundup of games you can finish in a day). Like Gris, Hollow Knight also makes brilliant use of color to help you distinguish different locales from one another, and gives you a sense of what sort of trials and tribulations lie ahead.

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You'll befriend bugs, slaughter bizarre creatures, use a variety of charms and unique powers to get where you're going, and discover more about your ghostly self with every passing level. And if the digital bloodshed and sometimes dastardly challenges get too much, you can kick back, relax, and recuperate in a hot spring.

Hollow Knight also has a great soundtrack, and if you're interested in grabbing that and its DLC content — Hollow Knight – Gods and Nightmares — you can get all three for $11.97 (which is 60 percent off the normal price for of $29.99).

Multi-platform platformer — Available for Windows, Mac, and SteamOS + Linux via Steam, Hollow Knight is also available for the Nintendo Switch, but we've never seen it on sale there (and we've been looking). It promises 130 enemies, 30 boss battles, and around 40 hours of gameplay. But as there are multiple endings, you'll likely be tempted to play it more than once. There's also the option to unlock a special difficulty mode once you finish the game — that's sure to test even the most dextrous among us.