You’ll soon have another shot at copping the coveted Xbox mini-fridge

The meme turned physical product sold out in minutes and is now getting a boost in production.


Last month, we saw the internet speak truth to power in the form of the Xbox mini-fridge. What started as a viral tweet meant to stoke excitement for a next-gen console turned into the rollout of another product entirely. And as it turns, out striking while the iron is hot is the prudent move, especially when it comes to monetizing a situation that took place on Twitter: The Xbox Series X replica mini-fridge sold out almost as soon as it became available. But there’s still hope for those who didn’t get their hands on one.

More Xbox mini-fridges are apparently on their way, according to this listing from U.K. video game retailer, Game:

Pre-orders for the fridge will go live again at some point, but trying to do it right now still brings up an error message. The first wave of orders will ship out at some point in December.

Beware the hype — Interested parties are limited to one fridge per order and there is a warning that an attempt to breach these terms will result in the order’s cancellation. Whether or not Game’s security will be able to stop the bots from eating up the inventory is another matter entirely, but it is nice to see online retailers at least acknowledging that there is a problem with resellers leveraging automation software.

As reported by Techradar, Game sent out an email to those who already got their hands on the mini-fridge stating the following: “We wanted to inform you that soon we will be going live with pre-orders for our second wave of stock which will be arriving in January ... You do not need to do anything. Your pre-order is confirmed for the first wave of stock which is still due to arrive in December.”

Anyone who is still in the market for the gaming-adjacent appliance should monitor Game’s website to see when the second wave of pre-orders will go live. Until then we can only wait to see what the next meme-to-product launch will be.