You only have two days left to get one of the most addictive games ever for free

Never has there been a cooking game that makes you so happy and angry at the same time.

The simplest games are always the most fun... and frustrating. If you own a Nintendo Switch, chances are you may have heard of Overcooked in passing, but it didn't pique your interest because "cooking video game" doesn't exactly scream fun. It isn't another pew pew pew.

But Cooking Mama, this game isn't. The premise of Overcooked is simple: you're a chef and you're in charge of cooking meals by prepping ingredients, cooking them, and then plating them for serving. Easy, right? Like mise en place cooking, it's easy when there's order in your kitchen. But when you add your friends into the kitchen... well you can either command it like a boss or let it devolve into too many cooks.

You can get Overcooked on the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, but it's free on PC in the Epic Game Store until June 11. Pay money or free? Literally a no-brainer.

After a few levels, you'll quickly realize Overcooked is like many games: anybody can play, but only the truly disciplined will master it, especially on the crazier levels that are insane and have you cooking on two moving trucks. I've gotten into shouting matches with friends because they didn't listen to me when I told them to chop while I cooked or someone else plated.

Nobody wants to see a soup burning on the stove only to have to run across the kitchen to put it out themselves. Overcooked is pure over-the-top fun that'll test your collaborative skills with your loved ones. How well can you guys really work together in a time-based environment that has a million things going on at once?

Guess you'll have to download it and find out. You can thank me when your relationships and friendships are strengthened. But don't hate me if you unearth dark sides you never knew existed. Remember: it's just a video game.