You only have two days left to get 70% off one of the best zombie games ever

With vast open-world gameplay, a compelling plot, and now a super low price, you'd be crazy not to take the plunge.

A group of decaying flesh eating zombies. Vector illustration.

There are a lot of zombie games you could be playing. From the outstanding new Resident Evil remakes, to the striking strategy-action of State of Decay, or the all out warfare of Left 4 Dead — if you want to take out some undead, PC gaming has given you dozens of options. But right now, one of the best (and possibly most underrated) zombie-themed titles is available on the Steam store for a terrific discount, but you only have two more days to grab it.

The zombie-smashing, parkour roller coaster of Dying Light (Enhanced Edition) is just $17.99 on Steam right now (that’s 70 percent off the normal list price of $59.99) — but only until June 8. This version is an expanded take on the 2015 title, increasing the size of the open world city and adding new items, storylines, and multiplayer modes. The core game itself is a thrilling spin on the zombie FPS genre, putting parkour jumping and wild acrobatics at the center of gameplay, meaning you can vault, slide, and climb around just about any surface in the game. There’s also a mix-and-match crafting system that lets you build wild weapons (electrified axe anyone?), and a pretty compelling narrative that keeps you moving through the single player story.

Dying Light was developed by the team that made Dead Island (you know, the island zombie game with the completely unforgettable trailer?), and definitely advances a bunch of concepts about how creative you can get when you need to decapitate the undead. Particularly, the titles uses a day and night system which changes the challenges, enemies, and missions depending on the time of day. At night, the zombies get even more deadly and significantly faster, meaning you’re doing a lot less slashing and a lot more running. It’s pretty thrilling.

Dying Light was supposed to receive a sequel in the form of Dying Light 2 this year, but developers Techland postponed the title’s Spring 2020 release date and have yet to announce when the new game will actually land. So in some way, now is the perfect time to catch up on the original game — and for this price, it would be absurd not to dive in right now. Let’s be honest, you need some way to vent your frustrations right now. Why not take it out on these zombies?