You have just hours to get one of the best survival horror games ever for less than $10

An absolute bargain for a AAA title that will leave you breathless.

Bloody zombie hands, halloween theme

There are a ton of survival horror games, and an absolute slew of Resident Evil titles, but one of the greatest zombie FPS games of all time is on sale on Steam right now, and you should rush to get a copy. There's just four hours left — the clock is ticking.

Update: The PC sale has sadly ended, but you can buy the game from the PlayStation Store for $9.99, which is a solid 50% off its normal price.

The game is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and it's an all-time classic in the Resident Evil franchise. The title is selling for $9.89 right now (67% off its normal price of $29.99), and is easily worth the cost of admission. Biohazard was released in 2017, and stands as a kind of reboot for the series. Just like Resident Evil 4 before it, after a period of quiet (and a handful of titles that didn't quite connect), Biohazard picks up the pieces from the zombie series and puts them together in all the right ways.

Echoing the vibe of Hideo Kojima's canceled Silent Hill title P.T., the game puts you at the center of an absolute horror in an isolated house in the deep South. Like a fusion of True Detective and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you have to battle a very sick family of infected and find the truth about your missing (and presumed dead) wife. For this price, you'd be crazy not to play it (but playing it might also drive you a little crazy). You've been warned.