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You only have 2 days left to get this nearly perfect action game on PS4 for 34% off

Cloud Strife and the Avalanche gang are back in one of the biggest AAA releases of the year.

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Shame on you if you own a PS4 and have not completed Final Fantasy VII Remake, the console’s biggest release of the year (perhaps life cycle) which reimagines the original turn-based RPG with modern real-time, action-based gameplay mechanics.

Good thing for you, there’s really no excuse anymore since Sony has slashed the price of the critically-acclaimed from its regular $59.99 down to $39.59, for savings of 34 percent off. The sale (the lowest we’ve seen since the game launched in April) won’t last forever: it ends on August 19.

The massive discount is available as a digital download directly from Sony's PSN or as a physical copy on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Target.

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You don’t need to have played the original to dive into the world of Midgar. Though VII Remake is billed as, well, a remake, the game is entirely fresh for fans and newcomers. The gameplay is faster, the graphics jaw-dropping (dear mother of god, are the graphics and cutscenes stunning), and the story so engrossing you’ll want to take your sweet time to complete the side missions instead of speeding through.

Embark on an epic journey with Cloud Strife and his massive Buster Sword as he tries to unravel his emo origins with his eco-terrorist buddies at Avalanche and save the world from Shinra Corporation and Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t just a pretty game — the music, story, and cliff-hanger that leaves you wondering what’s going to happen in Part 2 (yes, there’s a part 2, and maybe 3 and 4) all come together into this masterpiece.

Critics, including our Senior Reviews Editor Raymond Wong have called it a perfect game and our sister site Inverse hailed the game as an "outrageously beautiful masterpiece."

Here's Jen Glannon from Inverse:

[Final Fantasy VII Remake is] an enormous success, with achingly beautiful aesthetics, a mesmerizing story, and snappy combat.

And here's what other game critics are saying: