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You have only a few days to get one of the most addictive Switch games for $15

It's 40 percent off the original price. You’re going to do a lot of killing and it’s going to feel great! Who could pass that up?

Dark castle corridor 3d illustration

There are a number of things you’ll hear immediately upon expressing interest in Dead Cells, mostly a gentle mix of jargon like “Metroidvania” and “rogue-like, 2D action-platformer,” with constant comparisons to titles Spelunky and, of course, Dark Souls. You may not hear much about the gameplay itself, but everyone will tell you it’s hard and that you absolutely must play it. That’s all fair, so long as we don’t lose the most important element: you’re going to do a lot of killing, and it’s going to feel great.

The game has maintained popularity since its 2017 release, and for obvious reasons. It’s visually striking, full of witty banter, and completely addicting. If you’ve yet to try it out, there’s no better time than now. Nintendo is currently running a sale on the Switch Store where the title is listed for just $14.99 — or 40 percent off its typical price.

Dead Cells

A bit of everything — Dead Cells is not the type of game where there's just one right way to do things. How you fine-tune your build is a matter of preference, as is your approach to play; you can put all of your focus on brutality or go for something more tactical; you can explore meticulously in search of scrolls and weapons or power through speed runs; you can dump all of your scrolls into one stat or shirk them altogether.

The only thing certain is that you will die... over, and over, and over, and over again.

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