You can use your PC as a super-powered Bluetooth headset for Nintendo Switch

Calling all multitaskers!

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, but it isn't exactly the best experience in the world if you want to do something with it besides just playing games by yourself. Nintendo just added support for wireless Bluetooth headphones via a Switch update, which is somewhat galling, considering the console is over four years old at this point. However, this now means that you can theoretically use your PC as a bluetooth headset with your Switch.

Mixed signals — Now, if that sounds confusing, we don't blame you: it's the opposite of what you might think. Basically, this process allows you to fool your Switch into thinking that your Bluetooth-enabled rig is actually a set of headphones, so the Switch will output audio to your PC. This means that you can listen to the game's audio while using your computer for other tasks, like listening to a podcast or chatting with friends on a client like Discord.

Redditor Protossij posted this particular factoid to the site's main Switch forum, and while it won't work for everyone, it has the potential to be quite useful for some. As the post states, your PC has to have Bluetooth in order for it to work, and you might need to install a Bluetooth audio receiver program from the Microsoft Store. Still, considering that the Switch is quite limited as a multimedia device, this process might help you grind that elusive three-heart run in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild while you chat with your friends.

See buttons — Speaking of other features that Nintendo should've added years ago, the company recently announced that the Switch will finally notch Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games on Switch Online. Of course, you'll have to pay Nintendo the privilege of playing these certified gaming classics, and you'll have to fork over $50 each for wireless N64 and Genesis controllers if you so desire. Personally, I'll stick to RetroArch.