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With ray tracing, the PS5 completely transforms this B-rated PS4 game

At 50 percent off right now, there's no better time to get immersed in one of the most beautiful dystopian games ever.

Watch Dogs city drone

There are a ton of great action-adventure games for the Playstation 4, from the Uncharted series to all the famous Fallout titles. However, there’s one adventure game that you potentially missed in 2020 since it was so close to the PS5: Watch Dogs: Legion.

If you haven’t played Watch Dogs: Legion, get ready to enjoy the same overall style as the original, only with a completely different coat of paint. We’re talking about the addition of being able to play as any character. Plus, the neo-dystopian London setting is absolutely gorgeous.

Normally, a fresh blockbuster game would cost you $60. For a limited time, Legion is available for PS4/5 for $29.99.

Like previous Watch Dog titles, you’ll get to explore a massive urban open world and see many of London’s iconic landmarks. Along the way, you can hack armed drones, steal cars, battle enemies, use stealth, enjoy side missions, and even play with your friends. Four-player co-op mode is launching sometime in 2021, too.

Perhaps the best reason to buy this game, especially if you have (or plan to get) a Playstation 5, is for all the next-gen upgrades. The game looks more jaw-dropping with ray tracing. In addition to the nice graphics boost, load times and overall performance are better than on PS4. Basically, playing Legion on PS5 addresses most of the complaints reviewers had with the PS4 version.

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Considering you can literally recruit, train, and play as anyone from London, we wish there were far more options for different character abilities and missions. That said, it’s still an excellent game anyone will enjoy for under $30. Then, once you finish it or get bored, give your person a “permadeath” and start over with an entirely new character.

So what are you waiting for? If you skipped this game last year, or just got a PS5 and are waiting for upcoming titles, snag it while the deal lasts.