We got to chat with Bjergsen about joining Team Liquid for 2022 LCS season

The Michael Jordan of esports returns to his throne.

A photo of Bjergsen with his arms crossed
Riot Games

In a shocking turn of events, former TSM mid laner, head coach, and part-owner Bjergsen today announced that he will be joining Team Liquid for the 2022 season.

Bjergsen, a four-time LCS MVP who was with TSM from 2014 to 2020, spent last season as the head coach for that organization before breaking ties with the brand for Team Liquid. The esports star and Danish native will once again become a starting mid laner.

Ahead of the announcement, Input got the chance to chat with Bjergsen in his adopted home city of Los Angeles about his decision.

This leaves the fate of 2021 mid laner Jensen unclear, though he is still signed to the team through 2023. This week, Team Liquid has also revealed the return of CoreJJ and Santorin and also added Bripo and Hans Sama.

Bjergsen will debut with Liquid on January 14 for LCS’ annual Lock-in tournament.