Walmart’s exclusive 'Halo Infinite' collector's bundle sold out immediately

With only 10,000 in stock, good luck finding this collector's edition for non-scalper prices now.

Promotional image for Halo Infinite

You know it, I know it, we all know it. Halo Infinite, will be arriving this December. The shooter’s last release was 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians.

Once the official release date was announced earlier in August, a steady stream of game details has been trickling out of the woodwork. A trailer was released to showcase the game’s campaign mode, which ... spoiler alert: it looks good. Leaks revealed a super-charged version of the franchise’s Forge mode. Any kernel of information about the game is bound to set the fanbase into a frenzy, making what Walmart did last night all the more interesting.

The big-box retailer dropped a Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition in the dead of the night, without any input from Microsoft or Xbox, and it predictably sold out instantly.

The collection was limited to 10,000 units according to Walmart, which seems like a lot but given the popularity of a franchise like Halo, that total was exhausted in less than a full 24 hours. Here’s a full list of what was included in the collector’s edition package:

  • SteelBook Case with Full Game
  • Set of 5 Patches
  • Plasma Pistol Replica Bottle Opener
  • Energy Sword Illuminated Collectible
  • Set of USNC Lanyards and I.D. Wallet
  • Art Print
  • Art Book

Unofficial release?— As mentioned previously, neither Microsoft, Xbox, or 343 Industries had anything to say about the collector’s edition. It would be shocking if this was an unofficial release from Walmart, considering the branding all looks like it’s licensed upon a closer examination.

Perhaps this was a mistake and the bundle was supposed to be released a bit later down the line following an official announcement? Whatever the case may be this product is now out in the world — to 10,000 different households to be exact.

With about a month left until Halo Infinite’s launch, expect more sold-out situations, like the collector’s edition bundle and this themed Xbox Series X. For what it’s worth Infinite is still available for pre-order through retailers like GameStop, and you might want to act soon before it becomes difficult to get the game itself because of you know ... supply chains.