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Upcoming Elden Ring PC mod will make co-op actually work

A yet-to-be-released mod for Elden Ring will add seamless four-player co-op to the game, and it enters beta this week.

While the Souls series is beloved for many valid reasons, its arcane co-op modes are a particular lowlight, and Elden Ring is no exception.

Modder LukeYui has decided to take matters into their own hands by releasing a mod that will add full four-player co-op to the Lands Between. While the mod has been in alpha for some time now, its public beta launches on May 27.

As you can see in the above video, the mod will allow for a seamless co-op experience that persists after death. (Like, you know, every other modern game.) The mod will support up to four players, including the host. Best of all, the mod doesn't connect to FromSoftware's matchmaking servers, meaning that you can use it without fear of getting banned from vanilla online play.

Bad PvP for PC — While this is great news for people who want to play Elden Ring with their friends, it might also have a negative impact on the game's PC community.

For example, longtime Souls PvP YouTuber Scott Jund has already labeled the mod's release as the "death of PvP" on that platform, though he notes that it was already difficult in recent weeks to find PvP opportunities on PC compared to the consoles. Since the mod doesn't connect to the matchmaking servers, it'll likely reduce the number of players who are vulnerable for invasions, which was formerly a core part of the Souls formula. That said, he also praises the mod's achievements.

Personally, while I understand where Jund is coming from, the blame for the death of invasions should rest solely with FromSoftware and Miyazaki. The developer has leaned on retrograde and anachronistic multiplayer design for more than a decade now, and a lot of people expected Elden Ring to finally be the game that catapulted the series into the 21st century. If a talented modder can hack seamless co-op into the game a few months after launch — and the mod proves so popular that does kills its PC community, as some have predicted — it's safe to say it should've been in the game in the first place.

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