Unboxing the 2,646-piece Lego NES: Holy mother of god this is sweet

It's worth every penny!

It's Christmas in August! After two days of delivery hell on FedEx's part, my Lego Nintendo Entertainment System set is here and in my hands. Like I said on Twitter when I busted the box open a few minutes ago: holy mother of god!

First of all, the box is huge. I mean it has to be since there are 2,646 pieces to this brick version of Nintendo's very first home console. Second: HOLY CRAP this thing is cool; I feel like the Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR kid. I really can't wait to build this damn thing this weekend. I'm positive now it was worth burning a $229 hole in my bank account this month. I guess I'm eating instant ramen for the next month!

Just look at this beautiful brick set!

The front of the mammoth box.
Look at all these pieces!Raymond Wong / Input

The Lego NES is listed as temporarily out of stock on Lego's website so who knows when you'll be able to get your hands on one if you didn't pre-order it. More unboxing photos after the jump!

I'm a little upset that the delivery dented the box. I'm not usually one to save Lego boxes, but this one is very cool and would be cool on a bookshelf.

The side of the box pays homage to the original 8-bit Mario game.Raymond Wong / Input

I love that Lego and Nintendo went full retro with the box. It actually takes graphic design cues from the original NES packaging and the NES Classic.

The back of the box shows how the Lego NES's cartridge slot opens up. You can even insert a Lego cartridge.Raymond Wong / Input

Though the box says it's for 18+, I'm sure if you're younger you can still figure it out. Lego kits aren't rocket science. Just follow the instructions.

I'm sure if you're younger than 18 you can figure it out.Raymond Wong / Input

All of the pieces are sorted into separate bags so it's easy to follow along in the instruction manual.

This is going to take some time to sort and build.Raymond Wong / Input
Those blue pieces make up the insides Mario level that you can then hand-crank to scroll.Raymond Wong / Input

I can't wait to get to this set over the weekend.

There's one instruction manual and it's a thick one.Raymond Wong / Input

To make the Lego TV come to life you need a Mario minifig. You'll have to buy it separately.

To get the Lego TV to play the Super Mario Bros. music you'll need to get a Lego Mario minifig (sold separately).Raymond Wong / Input

So that's what Mario looks like when he sleeps. I mean possessed.

Anyone else getting serious Mr. Robot fsociety vibes here?Raymond Wong / Input
Mario needs his cap and overalls.Raymond Wong / Input
Mario connects to an app via Bluetooth and there's a speaker on the back.Raymond Wong / Input

I'll have more thoughts on the Lego NES set after I've built it this weekend. But if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter @raywongy. I'll answer as many as I can as I dive into the set. Did I already say holy mother of god?