‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction’ will be on Game Pass at launch

Ubisoft+ is also coming to Xbox.

Today didn’t just bring bad Xbox news, it also brought regular news. Ubisoft is expanding its offerings and plans to add the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction game to Xbox Game Pass. It will also be bringing the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox sometime “in the future.”

Today, Ubisoft shared that R6 Extraction will be a day-one Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass offering, so gamers with the paid service will be able to jump in for free on January 20.

Rainbox Six Extraction is a multiplayer co-op FPS in the vein of other Tom Clancy titles like Rainbow Six Siege. In Extraction, gamers will be able to choose from 18 different characters — referred to as Operators. The new game will have 12 maps and 13 missions at launch, giving players lots of content to dive into right away. Ubisoft also shared in the game’s trailer that there will be 69 different weapons and 25 different “gadgets” to choose from.

Extraction will offer a few different game modes. There will be a three-player co-op mode and a single-player mode. For those wanting to play with friends across platforms, Extraction will be offering full cross-play at launch as well.

New characters — Extraction’s Operators have edgy names like “Smoke,” “Pulse” and “Alibi.” That’s mostly cool, until you realize that they’re all characters from Rainbow Six Siege. Whether you find that unoriginal or comforting, each character has different abilities and can be customized in-game.

Hey, I recognize you! And you... and you.Ubisoft

The story — In Extraction, it’s all about the aliens. The monsters look like demigorgons from Stranger Things and roam free across maps Ubisoft says are three times larger than Siege’s. These aliens can mimic Operators and adopt their abilities, which is sure to cause some confusion in matches. Oh, and there’s also a deadly alien toxin called “sprawl,” which looks like a kind of black space fungus. You’ll have to avoid that, or at least spray it away to clear paths. Speaking of deadly fungus...

Could Extraction have been a DLC? Possibly, though it’s more like a Siege reskin with alien PvE combat. Either way, Extraction is coming to Game Pass, but Xbox gamers who want more Ubisoft titles can opt in to Ubisoft+ when it launches.