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Today for only $15 you can nab the Switch's trippiest and most stylish game

Journey back to the cyberspace wormholes of 1999.

The digital cover art for Hypnospace Outlaw.
No More Robots

Hyperspace Outlaw is sick as hell. For the uninitiated, it’s a simulation game set in an alternate reality 1999 where internet denizens log on via their dreams instead of AOL.

You play as an “Enforcer,” whose job it is to police content on Hypnospace for parent company Merchantsoft. You’ll solve cases of viruses, cyberbullying, illegal content, and copyright infringement through puzzles and good old fashioned detective work.

The game’s art style is something of a parody of the internet before Web 2.0 came along and sanded down all the edges to make every website look like an iPod. This is fertile ground for an endless stream of exciting visuals and soundscapes.

Hyperspace Outlaw was developed by Jay Tholen at Tendershoot, who is also the creator of the much beloved point-and-click clown messiah adventure Dropsy. It similarly exceeds all expectations and earns its place on the virtual shelves of gamers with discerning taste.

To celebrate the game’s launch on the Switch today, you can nab a copy from the eShop for $5 off. There’s no telling when this deal will end so we suggest you hustle.

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