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Get this open-world, post-pandemic survival game while it’s 20% off

Days Gone, the weirdly prescient survival game is currently on sale through Steam.

A screenshot from Days Gone

When Days Gone was released in April 2019, the idea that our general populace would be facing the tribulations of an actual pandemic was probably the last thing on anyone’s mind.

In Bend Studio’s open-world survival game, players assume the role of former outlaw Deacon St. John as he attempts to make sense of a post-pandemic wilderness. The game environment is set in a more harrowing version of the Pacific Northwest. Ultimately the thread connecting the plot centers around finding meaning within an existence of constant struggle. Sound familiar?

Days Gone was the beneficiary of high critical acclaim and is currently on sale through Steam. Available for both Playstation and PC, you can grab the latter version of the game for 20 percent off through Steam until August 5.

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One more thing — Days Gone revolves heavily around using a pretty gnarly motorcycle to explore a highly adaptable environment. So if vehicular exploration is in your wheelhouse I’d recommend acting now before the promotion ends!