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This gem in the Sonic-extended universe is free for the next week

Sonic Mania was produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our favorite blue hedgehog and is currently free through Epic Games.

A screenshot from Sonic Mania

Epic Games has been offering a variety of games for free throughout the last month and this time around it’s Sonic Mania. All you need is an Epic account to be able to download the 2D platform game for free. The offering will last through next week and is set to end on July 1st.

Sonic Mania allows players to utilize the classic trio of characters — Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles — to explore all-new zones and remastered classics in 60 FPS. The fact that there are new areas to run through separates this game from the standard remastered experience. Sonic Mania was developed by SEGA in conjunction with Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games.

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While the gameplay might not be groundbreaking, Sonic Mania takes us back to the roots of the franchise as a whole. Players fight Dr. Eggman through a series of 2D sidescrolling environments. The aesthetics and mechanics look and feel extra crisp. If you’ve ever been curious about what put the franchise on the map in the first place, I would suggest grabbing Mania while it’s still free! Unless you’re a hater, that is...