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A DLC for one of the best shooters of the 2010s is free for one week

The Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit is available for free through Steam for the next week.

A screenshot from Battlefield 1

There have been a number of deals on the Battlefield extended universe this week, most notably on Battlefield(s) 1 and V. It makes sense given the latest game in the franchise, Battlefield 2042, is set to release this October. The fully destructible game environment within Battlefield places a premium on vehicle use, but luckily, Steam is currently running a promotion for a vehicle bundle DLC.

Battlefield 1 Shortcut Kit: Vehicle Bundle, a $15 value, is free to download right now. The DLC includes all vehicle packages and primary weapons earned by Pilot and Tanker classes. In order to access the DLC content, you will need the base game on Steam. You may want to act sooner rather than later considering the discount is ending next week on July 29.

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Similar to binging a season of TV prior to the release of a new season, I’d recommend maximizing your Battlefield 1 experience before the 2042 drops!