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These classic shooter games are free for Amazon Prime members right now

Battlefield(s) 1 and V are being severely marked down for those with Prime memberships.

A screenshot from Battlefield 1

Battlefield was one of the first shooters to lean into fully destructible environments. This quality combined with expansive maps and an emphasis on teamwork and vehicle use has helped carve out a space for the franchise. With the forthcoming release of Battlefield 2042 slated for October, expect to see more gaming deals centered around earlier iterations of the franchise.

Why buy an earlier entry from the Battlefield vault at a discount when you could get it for free? This sort of thinking seems to be at the center of a new promotion from Amazon Prime Gaming. At the moment Battlefield 1 is completely free for Prime members and Battlefield V will follow suit early next month on August 2. The offer is good for the standard edition of the games and is only applicable for PC.

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Existing Prime members will receive a code to redeem Battlefield 1 on Origin until August 4th. While V isn’t currently available for free until August 2, it is probably safe to assume the same process will apply. Brush up on the legendary shooters from Dice before the latest entry releases this fall.