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The PS4 game that invented a new genre is 40% off right now

This game is a work of art that you'll either love... or hate.

A lot of games hope to be "genre-defying," but many fail such a big task. And occasionally, a game comes along that manages to do both and is controversial enough to have fans that either love or hate it. This game has fans that love and hate it simultaneously.

We're talking about the hit title Death Stranding, from legendary game creator Hideo Kojima. If you haven't played this epic game yet and are curious about all the fuss, it's currently available for only $25 on the Playstation Store (40 percent off its usual $39.99 price).

Bold or boring? — With humanity on the verge of mass extinction, you play as Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus), who must journey across a plagued yet utterly beautiful landscape. Death Stranding isn't your typical game with terrifying water monsters. It's a full sensory experience thanks to the top-notch and very eerie sound design that comes through the PS4's controller to provoke an unsettling feeling around each corner.

Keep in mind that the game does start off a bit verbose, but things get more engaging eventually. The pacing is, of course, one of the most controversial critiques of the game. There's also something about the way Sam packs all those metallic cases on his back that's entertaining for its realism. In the end, we often see this game explained in one of three B-words: bold, beautiful, or boring. At $25, you really gotta find out for yourself where you stand on Kojima's latest creation.

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