The PlayStation 4 is now the second-best home selling console of all time

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102.8 M

The total number of PlayStation 4 consoles sold as of Q2 2019.

Source: Sony


Crushing the competition — The PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling home console of all time with 102.8 million units sold worldwide. The PlayStation 2 is still sitting pretty as the top-selling home console (158 million) and the original PlayStation trails in third (102.49 million). These figures don't include handheld consoles — otherwise, the Nintendo DS would be in second place, Game Boy would be in third, and the PS4 would be the fourth best-selling system.

Wondering how the Xbox One stacks up against the PS4? Hard to say because Microsoft stopped releasing sales numbers for the console; it's estimated about 46 million consoles have been sold to date. Good luck with finding the numbers to measure it. Since 2015 Microsoft has refused to release numbers relating to Xbox One sales.

Why is Sony winning? — The answer seems is simple: it's the games. The Xbox One Pro is technically the most powerful console on the market, even when compared to the PS4 Pro. But the PS4 has more compelling exclusives like God of War, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us.

Going forward — The news comes after Sony announced its PlayStation 5 is set for a holiday release date in 2020. Curiously enough, the new Xbox (codenamed “Scarlett”) is set to release around the same time. This means the PS4 has about another year to try and outsell the PlayStation 2.

So, will it? Sony has sold about 13.5 million units this fiscal year and should receive a good boost during the holiday season. But with the PS5 a year out, sales for the PS4 sales will likely wind down. The PS2 may hold onto the crown yet.