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The greatest Sonic title of all time is 85% off for only two more days

Sonic Adventure 2, the last Sonic game developed for the Sega Dreamcast, is heavily discounted until August 4.

Knuckles in Sonic Adventure 2

You could say 2001 was a flashpoint for American gaming culture, thanks to moves SEGA would make that year. The Japanese video game developer and publisher would pull out of the home console market, essentially giving the Sonic franchise more accessibility. Before doing so, however, it would release Sonic Adventure 2 — a 3D platformer that allowed players to first save the world as Sonic and then attempt to conquer it as Sonic’s foil, Shadow.

Right now Steam is running a big sale on the iconic game. Normally a $9.99 value, you can grab Sonic Adventure 2 for $1.49 until August 4.

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Looking back, this game was my first encounter with Sonic losing giant, gold coins rather than suffering an injury in the course of battle. It’s also the second 3D Sonic game ever released.

There’s a lot to love — so get that huge discount before it’s too late.