The first PlayStation 5 game is called 'Godfall'

From the makers of Borderlands comes this new "loot-slasher."


We don't know what Sony's PlayStation 5 looks like yet — it will probably be a box like all previous PlayStation console boxes — but we do know the first game announced for the console is called Godfall and it's coming out in holiday 2020.

Developed by Gearbox Publishing (the people behind Borderlands) and Counterplay Games, Godfall is described as a "loot-driven action RPG with third-person real-time melee combat" and it's "played better together with friends."

We need more footage — Sony dropped the below trailer for Godfall at The Game Awards last night. It looks intriguing, but with so little real gameplay to look at, we have no idea how good the graphics will really be. How big of a visual leap will it be compared to PS4 games? Hard to judge from a short teaser video.

A new gaming war is coming — By this time next year, Sony and Microsoft will be duking it out once again for the living room. The PlayStation 5 will be competing directly with Microsoft's Xbox Series X; both consoles are expected to offer improved graphics with ray-tracing and shorter loading times. Sony leapfrogged over Microsoft with the PS4 this generation after the Xbox One stumbled out of the gate in 2013. Will Sony be able to maintain its lead or will Microsoft give it a better run for its money? Hang on tight — a new console war is coming and it's exciting!