The dream of VR gaming isn't dead

An industry survey sees it becoming dominant.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While virtual reality gaming is still slow to catch on, the industry hasn't given up faith. A new survey from the Games Developer Conference reveals an increase in developers who think VR gaming will become dominant in five years. 25 percent of responders see it as the future, up from 19 percent last year.

Creeping up on AR — Augmented reality, however, is still seen as the favorite to take over. 32 percent of those polled predict it'll be dominant, while 19 percent said VR and AR will be equally popular. Meanwhile, 16 percent don't think either technology will be popular. As someone begging the universe for an immersive Star Wars game where I can wield a lightsaber in my own hands, I cannot accept those naysayers.

Developers are specifically interested in making games for the Oculus Quest, with 24 percent expecting it to be the platform for their next release. The Rift and HTC Vive were next up, with 20 and 17 percent respectively. Still, a plurality (32 percent) is still undecided, leaving plenty of room for shifts.

About the survey — Nearly 4,000 game developers were polled ahead of GDC 2020 in March. Each year, the survey is released as a snapshot of gaming industry trends. Responders also indicated increased interest in the next generation of gaming, as increased support in unionizing the industry.