Street Fighter 6 logo looks a lot like a modified stock image

And the creator is hoping to sell it directly to Capcom.

From the PS3's questionable Spider-Man font to the iconic red of Nintendo, there have been plenty of unique and memorable video game logos over the years, but the new Street Fighter 6 logo is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons.

While it didn't take long for fans to express their disdain for the generic-looking hexagon after the game’s reveal last week, Ars Technica creative director and fighting game fan @Aurich noticed that the new SF mark looks a lot like a stock image that you can buy for $80. Guess Capcom isn't really breaking the bank for this one.

No type — To be fair to Capcom, the two logos do have differences… sort of. The hexagonal border is significantly thinner, and the lower tine on the F is pointed downward. Besides that, though, the resemblance is unmistakable.

Regardless of its actual provenance, the truth is that the Street Fighter 6 mark is so generic that it looks like many other logos that are floating out there. Personally, my first thought was that it looked like an NFT project destined for a "rug pull," and apparently I'm not alone.

In a recent interview with IGN, "xcoolee," the creator of the Adobe stock image, said that they would like to sell the exclusive rights for the image to Capcom. Given that the big C recently resolved a lawsuit alleging that Resident Evil devs used copyrighted photographs in their games without permission, they should probably respond to xcoolee's email before too long.