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Souls hacker says 'Demon's Souls' still has secrets to uncover

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A screenshot from 'Demon's Souls'
From Software

From Software's games are full of illusory walls, opaque sidequests, and little touches that many players miss. But according to prolific Souls hacker Lance McDonald, there are four items in Bluepoint Games' Demon's Souls remake that players haven't even found yet.

"Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon’s Souls remake that still remain undiscovered," McDonald's below post to Twitter reads. "If we ever get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak, maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now all I know is there’s four undiscovered items and what they’re called."

Murky secrets — McDonald has become something of a video game secrets guru over the past few years. (Perhaps his most notable coup came when he revealed a cheat code that lets players skip to the end of Nier: Automata; he also hacked Bloodborne to run at 60fps.)

While it would be strange for items that have been in the game since release to have gone unnoticed for this long, we do know that Bluepoint loves burrowing secrets deep in its work. Besides adding a handful of new items to the game, the studio hid coins throughout the game that could open a path to a new armor set based on the Penetrator boss. (The studio did something similar with the Sword of Dormin in its Shadow of the Colossus remake, too.)

Something to come? — In a follow-up tweet, McDonald clarified that he knows about these items through data-mining, and that he'll reveal more about them if they're confirmed to be impossible to obtain in-game. Otherwise, he hopes that players will be able to find the items through the traditional methods of Easter egg hunting — i.e. playing way too much Demon's Souls.

Back when the game first came out in late 2020, several players (including McDonald) noticed some very strange sounds in certain areas of the game. While those players speculated that this was some sort of deeply-embedded hint, developers later said that this was just a bug. Oops. Given the amount of time that's passed, it seems likely that these four items are likely just scrapped or debug materials, but it would be nice to know for sure one way or the other.