The PS5 is a big, bold statement on next-gen gaming

From the massive and striking console design, to the innovative DualSense controller with next-level haptics, to more exclusive games, Sony's PlayStation 5 may have the edge over the Xbox Series X.

PlayStation 5 review

After seven years, Sony's successor to the PlayStation 4 — the PlayStation 5 — is here. From the moment it was unveiled, we knew that the PS5 would be different. Not only has Sony gone with a literally huge design that's divided gamers, but the company is betting big on a new feature in the DualSense controller to set the platform apart from the Xbox Series S/X.

It's massive

The PS5 is indeed a ginormous console. It's larger than the original PS3 "phat", which was one of the all-time largest consoles ever made and makes the Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, and original PS4, look compact in comparison.