Lukewarm coffee

Rockstar offers disgruntled PC 'GTA Trilogy' owners a free game

Look, they’re very sorry, okay?

There were a lot of broken, busted, and buggy games released in the last few months of 2021, but Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition (pithy name, by the way) managed to be one of the very worst examples. Rockstar is once again apologizing for its unfortunate shortcomings by offering PC owners of GTA Trilogy a free game of their choice.

Owners can choose from Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, Max Payne 3, LA Noire, or Bully: Scholarship Edition. If we had to guess, most people who bought GTA Trilogy probably own most (if not all) of those games already. Still, it's a nice olive branch to PC players who were expecting a pleasant nostalgia bath and got rained on indoors instead.

Act fast — This offer stands until January 5, so if you're interested, head to the Rockstar Games shop. You can also accept an alternate gift of a Great White Shark card in GTA Online or 55 gold bars in Red Dead Online. And let's be honest, if both of those sound tempting, you may have problems that Bully: Scholarship Edition can't solve.

As discussed ad nauseam on social media, GTA Trilogy was released in an embarrassing state. Besides the panoply of bugs, it also apparently included a lot of unintended files, including the infamous "hot coffee" mini-game that cost Take-Two millions back in the day.

Questionable choices — The fact that Rockstar chose to remove the original editions of the three games was a little extra gasoline on the fire, but they've since reversed that decision. As a whole, 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are games that have aged about as badly as any video game can, but don't let that stop you from booting them up. Just don't buy the Trilogy anytime soon, because it's still apparently not fixed.