Razer made an RGB MagSafe fan for true gamers

The device comes equipped with twelve RGB LEDs, but needs to be plugged in to work.

A look at Razer's cooling fan for smartphones

When you think about overheating the mind tends to gravitate towards large, powerful devices. A console, or a super-powered rig can always benefit from extra cooling because they run demanding software. Razer, the company behind some of the best gaming hardware in the business, has recently adopted this accessory to the smartphone in your pocket. On an initial glance it seems superfluous, but considering that mobile gaming is becoming more viable, optimizing that experience appears to be a logical avenue to explore.

Now the fan itself is pretty robust — it comes equipped with RGB lighting (12 different LEDs to be exact), a 7-blade fan that is capable of up to 6400 rpm, and iPhone (iOS12 or later) or Android (8.1 or later) compatibility. Sure, this fan is ostensibly to cool the phone, but anyone who has used one of these smartphone fans before knows that, if anything, they’re cooling off your sweaty fingers. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.

The biggest drawback to Razer’s cooling fan would be its lack of portability. In order to work, the accessory needs to be plugged in to a USB-C power source. Gizmodo confirmed that the fan does not have its own battery, so you will have to find an external power source or battery to connect to.

The future is mobile— The timing of this release comes right on the heels of Xbox’s recent findings about the viability of touch controls (linked above), specifically when it comes to mobile gaming. As new users are converted to handheld gaming, ditching consoles and expensive setups, the door is open for a more stripped down experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if more gaming retailers roll out even more of these targeted accessories.

Keep in mind though that the RGB feature of this fan won’t really be prominent. Since the fan will be attached to the back of a smartphone, the lighting won’t be very visible but instead will provide a faint backdrop of color. Additionally, the device includes a USB-C-to-USB-A cable since as mentioned previously, you will need to connect to an external power source.

Should you buy this $60 novelty fan? Maybe as a gift for someone you have absolutely no respect for. But then you’ll see them with a super sweet fan and you’ll rub your sweaty fingers together and think that could have been me.