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PlayStation Discord integration may happen very soon

Early 2022 is now, folks.


In the grim and benighted year of 2021, Sony announced that the chatting client Discord would soon grace PlayStation consoles in "early 2022." While you might find it hard to believe that we're now in the bright and welcoming bosom of a new year, things have indeed rolled over.

It appears at least one Discord user has apparently found a way to connect their PlayStation account to the communications service. There's just one problem: they may have "modified" their Discord client to do it.

Unauthorized personnel — Over at the official Discord subreddit, Reddit user "jankesjt" posted an image which appears to show that they've integrated their PlayStation Network account with the Discord client. However, the post was removed by the moderators of the forum because it apparently broke the service's Terms of Service. (Oops.)

The user said that they were able to enable the integration through the magic of console commands after a recent client update. They declined to say the exact command they used, but we're guessing if you're in the know, it won't take you very long to figure it out. While the image might be fake, the fact that Sony and Discord indicated previously that the integration would come in early 2022, it seems likely that this is the real thing.

But what does it mean? — What exactly "Discord integration" means in this context remains to be seen, as Xbox's "integration" apparently only allows you to see what other people are playing. Perhaps Sony will be nice enough to add usable voice and text chat, since that's what Discord is good for, or maybe it'll just fumble the bag again. Either way, keep an eye on your Discord over the next few weeks to see if the feature makes it out alive.