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One of the most difficult RPGs is 50% off for the next day only

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (GOTY edition) is currently discounted through Steam as part of its summer sale.

A screenshot from Sekiro

Even if you aren’t super familiar with Sekiro, you’ve probably heard about how hard it is. The action-adventure RPG transports players to 1500s Japan as the “one-armed wolf,” where you have to take revenge on a nefarious samurai clan. Both Sekiro and Dark Souls were developed by the same company — FromSoftware, and share the same kind of challenging gameplay.

While Souls places a stronger emphasis on role-playing elements, Sekiro leans more towards stealth and enhanced mobility. Part of the reason why Souls can feel so brutal is that your character is ground-bound, while Sekiro allows players the ability to traverse their environments with relative ease. But perseverance pays off with a great sense of achievement when you have a great run.

As part of its summer sale, Steam is running a promotion on Sekiro: You can grab the GOTY edition for 50 percent off right now (it’s down from $59.99 to $29.99). The discount is set to end tomorrow, July 8, so now is the time to get one of the best games of the last decade. As part of the GOTY package, users will receive new boss challenge modes, additional cosmetic items, and the ability to leave messages / videos of your gameplay that other players can interact with.

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Keep in mind that the deal ends by mid-day tomorrow and securing a copy of Sekiro will give you access to the PC version of the game.