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One of the greatest horror games for PS4 is $8 right now

This genre-defining game looks even better in full 1080p HD.

nightmare forest with creepy trees

There's no shortage of excellent survival horror games these days. From Last of Us to Silent Hill, you can easily submerge yourself into a stressful mind-bending adventure. But one sits above the rest and stands the test of time for most players, and it's on sale at the perfect time.

The game is Resident Evil 4, and it's an all-time classic in the Resident Evil franchise; no one will argue that. The classic is selling for $7.99 right now (60% off its usual $19.99 price) from the PlayStation Store, and it's absolutely still worth it. Resident Evil 4 was released back in 2005 and won over fans everywhere with a compelling story and new third-person shooter perspective. In fact, it redefined the franchise, and in my opinion, the horror genre as a whole.

The plot — Six years after the events in Raccoon City, you play as Leon Kennedy, who must overcome all sorts of evil as he attempts to rescue the kidnapped President's daughter.

Plus, with the all-new Resident Evil Village coming soon in 2021 and heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4, now is a great time to replay this classic. While Resident Evil 4 is showing its age compared to current and next-gen horror games, it's still a Capcom must-play. So shoot or stab everything that moves, use caution, and take on Lord Osmund Saddler to the bitter, beautiful end.

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