One of Rockstar's most underrated games is on sale for just $9 right now

An open world adventure that gives GTA and Red Dead Redemption a run for their money — at a bargain price.

CSA-Images/Vetta/Getty Images

Do you love solving horrible crimes? Are you a fan of massive open world adventures with intriguing characters? Do you long to escape to a simpler time, when your illegal deeds couldn't be interrupted by a page on your beeper or a Twitter notification? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, today is your day.

For a limited time only, one of Rockstar's most beautiful, exciting, and ambitious games is on sale for an insanely low price. The game is L.A. Noire, and right now you can buy the AAA title along with all of its DLC add-ons for the bargain price of just $8.99 on Steam. That's right, for less than $10, you'll get to inhabit the mind of LAPD officer Cole Phelps as he and his partners rout out corruption and crime in gorgeous 1940's Los Angeles.

Taking a page from classic noir films like The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, and the more recent L.A. Confidential, the game plays as one part psychological thriller, one part action / adventure, and one part hard-boiled investigation. Unlike a lot of Rockstar's big open world titles, L.A. Noire focuses as much on proper sleuthing and detective work as it does on the cars, guns, and sex. There are times when the plot is more Sherlock Holmes than GTA, which is a welcome break from the overwhelming violence of a lot of the company's titles. Still, there are plenty of action sequences, car chases, and random dispatches to make you feel right at home if you're familiar with the Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption games.

The basic premise of the story is centered around Phelps and his rise as a star amongst the LAPD, moving from simple uniformed patrolman up to detective. The main narrative of the game is an intriguing, twisting tale that keeps things moving at a healthy pace, but there are also enough side missions and places to explore that you can easily take a detour if you're not trying to rush things.

At this price, it's an absolute steal, so don't waste any time grabbing this deal. Those perps aren't going to bust themselves.

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