Nintendo quietly released a free Switch game, but you need to get it before summer ends

You can cheat at Jump Rope Challenge, but you’re only cheating yourself.

See, this is exactly why Nintendo has stuck around for 130 years. When the news gets heavy, you can always count on old Nintendo to cheer up your day with delightful entertainment that'll help pass the time.

Case in point: Jump Rope Challenge, an entirely free game for the Nintendo Switch that just dropped on the eShop. The simple and ridiculously adorable game was made by Nintendo developers while they were forced to work from home due to the pandemic lockdown.

You jump rope — As its name implies, you literally jump rope in the game. Because of course Nintendo is once again trying to trick gamers into working out. First came Wii Sports, then Wii Fit, then Ring Fit Adventure — Nintendo has never wavered in trying to get hearts pumping.

To make your bunny fella go cardio crazy, you detach both Joy-Cons and literally mimic a jumping rope movement as if you're holding the grips of a jump rope. There's also a two-player mode where each person uses a Joy-Con and does the same. A ticker keeps count of how many jumps are done.

You can cheat — Wii waggle is back! Like many motion-based Wii games, you can totally cheat at Jump Rope Challenge. Don't feel like jumping rope or maybe you can't do it? Maybe you live in an apartment and your neighbors would kill you if you jump on the floor. Whatever the reason, the game also lets you rotate your hands or bend your knees as an alternative.

I tried the game and mimed a motion that looked like I was whisking a virtual egg and can confirm cheating works. I can also confirm that cheating at a game this wholesome made me feel like a horrible person. You just don't cheat on a game this simple and adorable.

Jump dude, juuuump!Video capture by Raymond Wong / Input
I can confirm that cheating at a game this wholesome made me feel like a horrible person.

There are outfits — It's no Animal Crossing: New Horizons sliding in with the latest streetwear drip, but there are a handful of outfits you can change your character into. The funniest being a tuxedo and apron. When are you ever gonna be jumping rope in a tux?

Free, for a limited time — Nintendo says the game is "a limited-time release until the end of September" so don't sit on this downloading it. It's free. Go out and break a sweat. Nintendo wants you to stop sitting all day long.