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This fan-favorite racing game is back, better than ever, and 40% off for Switch

A perfect combination of high-speed racing and nostalgia, remastered for Nintendo’s greatest console ever.

Do you feel the need... the need for speed? One of the all-time best racing games from the last decade is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and in 2020 EA digitally remastered it to be better than ever. From the graphics and details to the slow-motion crash scenes we all loved.

This is a straightforward arcade-style racing game full of nostalgia, without a convoluted plot getting in the way. It’s just good old-school entertainment. So, if you want to hit those NOS boosters, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is only $25 right now for the Nintendo Switch. That’s nearly 40% off its usual price.

Familiar but different Hot Pursuit is the complete opposite of Need for Speed games these days. You don’t have to deal with a drawn-out storyline, tons of menus, options, gas limiting micro-transactions, or a revolving list of characters. Instead, you’re dropped into Seacrest County and simply allowed to drive, takedown opponents, and run from the cops. It’s quite refreshing for a game over 10 years old.

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We’ve seen many remastered games that struggle to get traction or are overdone, but that’s not a problem here. With a beloved game like Hot Pursuit, less is more. There are no major changes to the experience everyone knows and loves. EA delivered some spruced-up visuals, new animations, and extra attention to detail around the tracks as you speed down oceanside roads. Oh, and the scenery is destructible too, which is awesome.

It’s worth noting that the sound quality and SFX are vastly improved, and drivers can change the color of their ride now, but that’s about it. Again, less is more.

In the end, you still get to enjoy single and multiplayer options, Most Wanted mode, and Takedown, where you’ll drive as the police taking down illegal racers. Plus, all the original DLC content is included as a bonus.

At nearly 40 percent off, enjoy some high-octane nostalgia on the Switch either docked or on the go.

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