'Metal Gear Solid 3' remake rumors bolstered by LinkedIn profile

Still in a dream.


Let's be honest: video game rumors are typically not very reliable, especially these days. That said, the suggestion that Konami has hired a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater garnered some additional steam over the weekend.

On Sunday, Twitter user Faizan Shaikh noticed that Virtuos lead programmer Zhiyang Li includes several references to some kind of "unannounced triple-A remake" in his LinkedIn profile.

The pain, or the end? — That profile further suggests that this project is a from-the-ground-up remake, and that it will support 4K on certain platforms. Earlier in October, video game website VGC reported that Konami plans to release remasters of the Metal Gear Solid series for modern consoles, which is apparently separate from this Snake Eater remake. The report suggested that Virtuous is the studio behind the MGS3 remake, which would seem to lend these recent developments more credibility.

That same report also stated that a reboot to the long-running Castlevania series is currently in development at Konami Japan, and that other studios are working on multiple Silent Hill projects. If true, this would be somewhat of a return to form for Konami, which hasn't released much in the way of new games for a half-decade now.

Left stranding — Of course, given the high-profile disputes between MGS creator Hideo Kojima and the company he worked for for decades, it's highly unlikely that Kojima will be involved in any of these remakes or remasters. Then again, given how Kojima ended MGSV, you might wonder if he's interested in revisiting any of these games in the first place.

Since we can all obviously agree that Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the best one — keep yelling at your device, weirdo MGS2 fans, I can't hear you — it would be nice to be able to play it on modern platforms. Still, remakes of beloved games can prove to be a dicey enterprise, especially considering Konami's track record as of late, so it's probably best to be skeptical. When it comes to most gaming rumors, you should probably only believe it when you see the official announcement. That said, it's fun to believe.