Leaked Xbox Series X prototype reveals likely ports

Exposing the plug(s).

The next generation of gaming consoles will soon be upon us, and leaked photos are giving us an idea of what ports to expect. A purported prototype of the Xbox Series X has exposed its rear, showing two ISB A ports, as well as one each for optical audio, HDMI, ethernet, and power. You can also see a gigantic rectangular port, but that's for diagnostics and unlikely to make it to market.

Will Microsoft confirm the plug(s)? — Thurrot reported the images are indeed authentic, but don't hold your breath for Microsoft to comment. Actually, you can return to respiration promptly, as this is quite possibly a planned "leak." Considering the console is slated to release in Q4 2020, we'll likely get more information in June at E3.

What we can confirm is that the console is really just called Xbox — the model name is Xbox Series X. We also know it'll boast 60fps 4K gaming, with 8K and 120 fps capability. A new NVMe SSD will reportedly slash loading times, alongside a new CPU based on AMD's Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Xbox confirmed the console will have backwards capability from day one, but we'll see to what extent. Gross-generation also allow the Xbox and Xbox one to play each other's games.