Leaked video from the Super Nintendo World theme park is breaking our brains

The best look at the Mario-themed attraction at Universal Studios Japan. It's literally like being in the video games.

If not for COVID-19 literally keeping us grounded and at home, we'd be planning a trip to Osaka, Japan — specifically, to Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan.

The Nintendo theme park was supposed to be completed in late July, but because of the coronavirus, construction was delayed. Universal Studios Japan says the new attraction will open when it's safe to do so; no opening date or timeframe has been announced yet.

That's a bummer because Super Nintendo World looks incredible. A leaked video of the theme park gives us the best look at what to expect.

Super Mario IRL — It's literally like being inside of a Super Mario video game. The leaked video shows Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have gone to great lengths to recreate several of the side-scrolling worlds from Mario games.

We spy Princess Peach's castle on one end, Piranha Plants, Thwomps (the angry stone fellas), Goombas, Koopa shells sliding between green warp pipes, the classic bricks and mystery boxes, rotating golden coins, and mushrooms in the middle of the attraction.

On the other end, there's Bowser's castle, Ice Land, checkpoint flags, and a section with Yoshi that looks likes it's ripped straight out of Super Mario 64. Just look at those bubbly trees!

Leaked aerial pics — Shots of Super Nintendo World also have been making their way on Instagram. These photos were posted to IG before being removed. But not before Themeparx managed to save the pics:

Check. It. Out.Themeparx

As you can see, Super Nintendo World is across from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Who knew Bowser was terrorizing Mario and friends in a dimension that's literally next door! The spy shots give us a closer look at the entrance (a warp pipe, of course!).

Where are the Mario Kart go-karts, though?

Almost finished — Super Nintendo World isn't completely finished so there may still be some sections that aren't done. Even so, the glimpse we get in the video shows elements mostly intact and moving. We just have a few questions: Will there be park workers dressed up in Super Mario character costumes running around the park trying to hit blocks? Can visitors hit blocks? (It's going to be hard to restrain ourselves!) What kind of Mario-theme snacks are there gonna be?

Earlier this year, Nintendo shared a teaser video for Super Nintendo World. Though we have yet to learn more about the attraction, it would appear visitors will be able to use some kind of wrist-worn wearable and smartphone app to roam around the park, possibly for purchasing things and keeping tabs on ride schedules like MagicBands offered at Disney theme parks.