What's to come

This hidden Elden Ring colosseum looks perfect for multiplayer battles

Lance McDonald has found a colosseum that could become a PvP area at some point.

Now that Elden Ring is fully out in the wild, dataminers are picking its files apart to see what makes it tick. Notable Souls hacker Lance McDonald used an unlocked camera mod to check out an inaccessible zone that sure looks a lot like a multiplayer arena for players to duke it out.

What's behind the door? — In an unlisted YouTube video, McDonald explores the interior and exterior of the large colosseum, which is dotted with piles of swords, as well as two unusable lifts. While it's possible it's just your garden-variety unused content, it seems a little too detailed and expansive to be a coincidence.

As Souls fanatics know well, previous Dark Souls games included dedicated multiplayer arenas, starting with the DLC for Dark Souls 1. Given this fact, it seems very possible that FromSoftware might use these zones for PvP, perhaps even with player counts beyond what is currently allowed in the game. (After all, it's a big colosseum).

It's worth noting that this isn't the only large piece of seemingly vacant real estate in Elden Ring — I've personally found at least three large buildings that have no apparent entrance or purpose. Fans are still discussing the meaning of these buildings online. I think it's likely that at least one of them will house a boss rush mode similar to Sekiro, but we'll have to wait and see.

McDonald isn't the only one mining the game. Fellow Souls content creator Zullie the Witch is also hard at work delving into Elden Ring's files, and she discovered that Radahn's scrawny steed is named Leonard. This is very important information.