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Get the PS4's greatest open-world adventure for an absurdly cheap $13

For less than a large pizza, you can be immersed in one of the most beautiful and thrilling games of all time.

Chinese style fantasy scenes,3d rendering.

There are a ton of great open-world games for the PlayStation 4, from the action-movie-esque Far Cry series to the brilliant, time-destroying Fallout titles. But there's one open-world action / adventure game that rises above the others; a game that's not only a roaring good time, but has also come to define the PS4 and what the system is capable of. That game is Horizon Zero Dawn, and for a limited time only, Sony is selling the title on the PlayStation Store for the bargain price of just $12.99.

If you haven't played Horizon Zero Dawn, prepare to be taken on a journey of epic proportions. The title sets its adventure on the Earth long, long after the utter destruction of mankind has come to pass. Zooming into the 31st century, you'll take on the role of Aloy, a young woman raised as an outcast to her tribe. In the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn, humans share the planet with a diverse race of animal-like robotic creatures — an artifact of a previous generation and a grand artificial intelligence — which are increasingly infected with something known as "Derangement." Aloy ends up on a path to discover the truth about how the robots came to be, and what her unique role in the future of the human race will be.

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The gameplay is utter joy, featuring a thrilling main narrative, and a load of side missions and stories that let you explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Graphically, the title is nearly unmatched on the PS4 — featuring visuals that push the system to its limits. There will be plenty of times when you're playing the game that you'll want to just stop and watch the wind blow through the trees — and given that you can set your own pace to the game, that's totally okay! Not only do you get the game with your purchase, but this is the Complete Edition, so it includes the Frozen Wilds expansion, a digital art book, a theme for your system, and bonus weapons, outfits, and resources.

So what are you waiting for? There's no finer game you can play for the PS4, and this price won't last very long. Stop reading this, and start riding the back of a four-story, robotic brontosaurus right now.